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A-Wing V2

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FROM THE FIRST PROTOTYPES TO THE FINAL PRODUCTION MODEL, DEVELOPING THE A-WING HAS BEEN A TOTAL BLAST! Each step of the development process we were searching for the ideal balance between power and feel while reducing leading edge flex to a minimum. Powerful… The A Wing is powerful! This is primarily because the aerofoil section has been carefully developed so meter for meter the A-Wing is one of the most powerful wings on the market. Solid… The solid airframe of the A-Wing is the second ingredient to power and performance. Balanced… We refined the A-Wing design to be well balanced in a wide range of conditions. It is strong in terms of construction and durability but as light as possible in design for that perfect balance. Construction…

  • The leading edge and strut have Aramid reinforced cloth on all high load and stress points.
  • Internal tape reinforces all seams on the leading edge and strut.
  • Double layer of Dacron and Aramid cloth reinforces the strut to leading edge connection.
  • High volume inflate and deflate valves make setup and pack down a breeze. The leading edge and the strut, inflate and deflate separately.


  • Leading edge and struts… Dimension Polyant Dacron (Germany)
  • Sail… Teijin T9669 D3 (Japan)

Package… The A-Wing comes complete with Carry Bag, Wrist Leash, Repair kit, Manual and in three optimized sizes, 3.5m 4.5m and 5.5m. Please select the A-Wing size and pump option required. Check out the Wingsurf World article just released.

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2.5m no pump, 2.5m with pump, 3.5m no pump, 3.5m with pump, 4.5 m no pump, 4.5m with pump, 5.5m no pump, 5.5m with pump, 6.5m no pump, 6.5m with pump